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Having grown up in Belgium from a young age, being submersed in a country with so many cultural influences and being a part of a multinational school with over 50 different nationalities, I feel I was surrounded by style and beautiful presentation throughout my childhood. Besides the people, the daily trip to the bakery/ patisserie was not only a pleasure but a visual delight. I was also lucky enough to have a father who worked for the chocolatier ‘Godiva’, incredibly tasty, but also quite simply a beautiful product.

Whilst drawing and designing in my spare time, the Art and C.D.T departments at school were exceptional and I was so lucky to be allowed to learn to use all kinds of tools and machinery.

I graduated from ‘the Kent Institute of Art & Design’ with a BA Hons in Jewellery and Silversmithing in 2000. My major pieces were a coffee set for one and a 1litre water jug, which I won a bursary to make from the Goldsmiths Hall London. I was able to move home to north Norfolk where my dad made me a fabulous workbench which I still use today. I started to create my very own pieces of jewellery. The ‘Ball’ designs were the first to be made, as I only had a few basic tools. I started by simply piercing out shapes from sheet silver, but through these limitations, I found this was a most creative time for me.

In 2001, I got my first job designing for a wholesale jewellery company in Norwich. Putting my degree skills to use was very rewarding and manipulating briefs to create new competitive designs to be produced on a large scale taught me another side to the trade. Yet my passion for making my own designs was becoming stronger.

My husband and I moved to Lausanne Switzerland in 2004, where we spent two fabulous years again surrounded by wonderful scenery and new inspiration. These two years gave me time to grow as a designer / maker of gold and silver jewellery. I started to create a few small collections which I sold through galleries and small independent shops in Switzerland, and back home in Norfolk, besides hosting soirees, and setting up my own website.

Now settled in Oxford, I find I have space and time to be creative again. We were lucky enough to be able to build our own house, but most excitingly, I now have my own studio/workshop! Through this next chapter, I hope to have the opportunity to work with more wonderful people and to create jewellery to be endlessly enjoyed.

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