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Sophie’s silversmithing training is brought to light through these wonderfully bold pieces.

The interlinked collection uses techniques to create simple form, ergonomically sculptured to the hand and wrist.

“I really enjoy forming metal into interesting shapes and finding how they best come together. My favourite pieces to make are bangles and rings because of this. Here, I have used varying thicknesses of sheet along with round, square and rectangular section rods. Sometimes inspired simply whilst working the metals, whilst my drawing and artwork lead to new and other ideas.”

Interlinked curved bangle
Bands are each 1cm wide with maximum width being 2cm.

Interlinked tear shape bangle
Band 1cm wide with maximum width being 1.5cm.

Interlinked Ring
Band 1.1cm wide

These pendants (currently making earrings) can also be made in gold, with satin and polished finishes.

Interlinked pendant 1
Satin band 0.8cm wide. Polished band 0.5cm wide. Overall length 3.8cm

Interlinked pendant 2
Satin band 1cm wide. Polished band 0.3cm wide. Overall length 4cm

Interlinked pendant 3
Satin band 0.7cm wide. Polished band 0.3cm wide. Overall length 3.5cm.