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Whether you see a nest or ripples from a stone being thrown into the water…this collection is my most organic.

The reticulated finish on some of the pieces create a wonderfully textured surface.

Nest with 18k Gold

Timeless in an organic yet precious way – along with the Nest Collection, I can’t imagine getting stuck for new ideas. Keep an eye on this ever evolving collection.

Sculptural and tactile to wear.

Nest with a touch of 18k gold earrings
Max width 1cm

Nest double with a touch of 18k gold pendant
Max width 2.2cm, length 4cm.

Nest with a touch of 18k gold ring
Width 1cm

Nest on rectangle earring
Width 0.8cm, length 4.2cm

Nest long drop earrings
Width 0.2cm, length 5cm

Nest long drop pendant
Max width 0.3cm, down to 0.8cm, length 5.5cm

Nest off-side pendant
Width 0.6cm, down to 2.5cm. length 5cm

Nest reticulated long curve pendant
Width 1cm, length 8cm

Nest double nest with ball ring
Band width 1cm.

Nest triple nest broach
Width from 1cm to 2cm, length 6cm

Nest stud earring
Width 1cm

Nest solid stud earrings
Width 1cm

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